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Your input matters

At Vikings Workwear we believe our customer knows best. That's why we organize monthly feedback meetings with you to improve our product.

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Our central hub, Yggdrasil, was created with our customer in mind. As a workwear specialist, we urge you to develop your ideas and create. With our software you're able to go from design to order with just several clicks.

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Frustrated about one of your suppliers pulling your best performing product from your shelves? So were we. With Vikings Workwear, you know you'll have the product you want now, and always.

We’re interested in your succes.

For us to succeed, we need you to succeed. We work closely together with our resellers to ensure they receive everything they need for success. Vikings Workwear sells solely through a small network of certified resellers to maintain a high level of quality and personal attention.

A focus of ours is consistency, because one of the biggest frustrations in the workwear market is when products go out of collection. At Vikings, your product will exist next week, next month, next year and as long as you want. This is due to Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil is Vikings Worwear's central hub, created for you. You are able to create, save and order your products. Additional You can generate invoices to your customers directly and make repeat orders possible.

Our product and company is in constant development. The possibilities are endless. To keep growing, we organize monthly meetings with our resellers to get a grasp of the wants and needs of the market. Your input matters.

Interested in working together? Get in touch to see if we're a fit.