Change of plans

As many companies, Vikings Workwear has to face the challenges during COVID-19. International restrictions have had a serious impact on our road plan to launch Vikings' first workwear collection. We had to shift focus, expand our timescale and change plans. In order to stay true to what we believe in, we decided to use some of our time and resources to produce face masks. High quality face masks which are also reusable. Quality of face masks depends on their Bacterial filtration efficiency, or BFE in short. Our reusable face masks offer a 99.2% BFE, even after washing them 20 times. If you want to know more, please contact one of our local dealers.

As said before, our core business is workwear. We want to deliver you the best possible quality we can and if you would like to know more about our ideas, please check out Our Product or get in touch with one of our resellers.