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No company is standard. Then why is your workwear? Vikings Workwear let's you create workwear that fits your style. Get in touch with one of our resellers to start designing.


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In our Vikings Designer you create your workwear. Your style, your needs. Try it, with one of our experienced resellers.

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With our 3D-Measurement app you're sure to pick the right size. Vikings uses cutting-edge technology to find your perfect fit.

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Long delivery times should be a thing of the past. With Vikings 24-hour delivery, you'll have your workwear in no time. Contact one of our resellers to learn more.

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Quality, sustainability and accessibility. These are the three pillars Vikings was built on and keeps building with them. Eventhough our company is still young and flexible, Vikings is here to stay.

In order to ensure constant quality in our products, we've been working together with multiple manufacturers to create our own fabric: ViTech. Vikings's first two pillars have been woven into this fabric; re-cycled polyester gives it the robust quality it needs and Tencel safeguards the sustainibility of the product.

But what makes Vikings Unique?

You do. Vikings Workwear is here to create products in your style, without limitations. We want you to be creative, generate new ideas and make your workwear your own. Vikings Workwear is a made-to-measure workwear company and we offer personal customization in our 3D designer. Choose your fabric, options, sizes and then use our 3d measurement app to choose your perfect fit.

We're here to make life easier, which is why we've teamed up with talented developers to help you and your team look great. A built in 3D body measurement app allows you to know the correct fit when you order online - no more guessing!


After experimenting, testing, re-testing and doing it all again, we came to a sustainable and strong fabric, ViTech. What does ViTech consist of? Sixty-five percent of the fabric consists of re-cycled polyester. Polyester, is a type of fibre which is made of polyethyleneterephthalate (PET). Plastic is still necessary in our clothing. However, re-cycled polyester is a better option. It is forecasted that 20% of all polyester will be recycled polyester by 2030, Vikings wants to help achieve that.

The remaing thirty-five percent of the fabric consists of Tencel, one of the most popular European brand names for Lyocell fiber. The beauty of Tencel is its sustainable production process. It is made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees, and the TENCEL™ Modal fibers are certified with the internationally recognized EU Ecolabel, an environmental quality label only awarded to products and services which have a significantly lower environmental impact throughout their entire lifecycle.

TENCEL has some beautiful qualities as well. It is strong and water absorbing, more than cotton. But it dries faster and ventilates well, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.